WHO IS? | Body Count

I have encountered the name Body Count a few too many times whenever I’m reading the music news or watch music videos on YouTube; but I never really had the curiosity to check out the band. I assumed it was a band since I always saw them on Metal music sites. I say “I assumed” because whenever I see the name there’s always the picture of Ice-T attached to it. And I am familiar of him as one of the influential rappers back in the day. I thought they are a Rap Metal band.

Then one boring Sunday afternoon because my home town still imposes Sundays on lock down. I finally had the urge to check this band out. And boy of boy what a pleasant surprise this band is!

I know I’m probably way too late to be excited about this band because it’s been… wait! (Googling Body Count)… 30 YEARS! since their inception. Oh wow! I’m three decades late! Where have I been! I thought they were only formed like about two or three years ago but damn! 30 years? Haha!

Now, I can try and explain to you or describe what the band is all about and what they sound like but Ice-T says it all well in the beginning of their Raining In Blood music video. Check it out below!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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