First Time Trail Riding

“It never gets easier, you just go faster” Greg LeMond Biking has always been a part of me. My earliest memory of the two wheeled human powered machine was when I'm about four or five years old. Since then I never stopped. Well, there are some years when I didn't have a bike but it... Continue Reading →

Found A Gem On YouTube

"When does it start, that thing inside us that tells us to go faster or further?" -Brad Avenyou I've been combing bicycle related videos on YouTube for two days now because I have this urge of getting back into riding again but this time, I want to ride a different kind of bike. And timely... Continue Reading →

The Forbidden Fruit © 2020 I don't always get to eat this kind of fruit. It's not that it is rare to find here our place and I don't think these are hard to find anywhere at all. However, whenever when I get the chance to eat one of these, my god! How delicious it is. It... Continue Reading →

One Good Morning

I decided one morning to get up early with an idea of going outside and shoot a part of my town that's usually full of people almost every single day, just to show in contrast of what's been going on lately not just where I am from but all over the world. But it turned... Continue Reading →

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