Found A Gem On YouTube

“When does it start, that thing inside us that tells us to go faster or further?”

-Brad Avenyou

I’ve been combing bicycle related videos on YouTube for two days now because I have this urge of getting back into riding again but this time, I want to ride a different kind of bike.

And timely so, one of my bike friends messaged me few days ago asking if I still got my fixed gear bike. He too wants to get back in the saddle. So we agreed that as soon as I can get back into the city again, he’ll buy the bike and thankfully I’ll have money to spend on what type of bike I am planning to build.

Now back to YouTube, I was going through all these infinite bike reviews and stumbled upon a gem.

What I love about this video is that it was beautifully made. The Video and audio quality is great and best of all, they tastefully built a story into it and made it like a short movie. Not just one of those YouTuber like kind of video.

Just over a minute into the video, I noticed something very familiar with it. It had this deep voiced narrator telling a story between young and old. Then as the video is about to end, I’ve remembered that other bike video, Life Cycles.

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