A Day Break from Pandemic

Being in the house for almost five months now and not able to go back at work is really taking its toll. Every single day is a steady rise of boredom, anger, frustration and irritation. This is mainly why I stop posting here for a while. I’m just not inspired.

Then last Saturday night, a few members of the family planned a day trip to the south to take a dip into the sea. I wasn’t really on board with it but hey, what else am I gonna do around the house, might as well come along with them.

So we went! Or I shall I say, I came along with them.

When we we’re on our way down south, out of nowhere they asked me.

So, where do you think we should go?

I replied… What? You guys haven’t decided yet where we are heading? And why are you asking me this? I don’t know! I’m just tagging along.

Then I added… Just continue going south!

And so we did! Heading down south with no agenda or any destination. Then when we were a few towns into the southern tip of the island, they started worrying because we’ve stopped a few times along the way but most of it aren’t open for the public yet.

They started saying…

Maybe we should go back?

I said. No, just continue and the first beach we see with a cottage on it, that’s where we are stopping.

And we did find one! To our pleasant surprise, it was really a beautiful place. Just a random beach on the side of the highway and the best part of it? It was empty! Well, there were two people who were there first but hey, that’s just two.

Here are some of the pictures I took that day.

Those were the two people I talked about when we arrived.

The first ones to take a dip. Who else? It’s always gonna be the kiddos.

Oops! Did not realized this shot was out of focus.

The Millennials

And the not so millennials

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