Gone Away

I think about life

And oh how it changes so fast

And oh how it’s so hard to last here

Waiting for something to give


This was supposed to be an entirely different blog. Something that feels good. A sense of hope I should say but things in life moves and changes so quickly.

And now an image that initially represents happiness and full of hope takes on a different meaning.

While I was contemplating life in general last night, a song came on and it somehow captures the mood. It felt like a sharp knife making its way into your chest. But somehow it felt good. It was very hard but it felt good.

But I’ll be fine

Oh don’t you worry

‘Cause I’ll be fine

See I’m in a hurry

To be gone away awhile

Tell me all the things that I

I’ll be missing here in this old life

Man ’cause I just don’t know


Thank you for reading.

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