Bike to Work

I have started commuting by bike to work since mid November because I just had enough of the commuting situation here in Cebu. It has been a constant struggle ever since before this COVID-19 Pandemic started. I just find it intolerable of the fact of not being able to tell if where to take a bus/jeep and if you can get a ride on time, fare has doubled up and the social distancing has been neglected way too often.

After a lot of thought and inner debate, I have finally decided to take apart some of the parts on my fixed gear bike and install them to my classic road frame.

It was never really my intention to take apart my beloved fixed gear bike for it has been my main bike for years now and whatever parts had been installed on it was put there to be permanent.

I started riding Olive (I named my fixed gear bike that, Olive) for a week. Here’s how she looked like, below.

I always have a back pack with me every time I go to work and after a while riding it gets a little heavier and it brings pain on my shoulders.

So that is why I’ve decided to take some of the parts and build a somewhat comfortable ride. With freewheel and brakes.

And now this is how my ride to work looks like.

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